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Work Order Management
Everyone in your organization can log into FMX and create a request in minutes! Easily respond, assign, and resolve issues while keeping track of time and money spent.
Planned Maintenance Scheduling
Eliminate unplanned downtime and unnecessary expense. Scheduled planned maintenance tasks automatically issue reminders, guaranteeing nothing falls through the cracks.
Reporting & Analytics
Create and share customized reports and dashboards to ensure that you’re making data-driven facilities management decisions.
Inventory & Asset Management
FMX provides a unique QR code for every asset. Save time by scanning codes from any smartphone or tablet to adjust inventory quantities, obtain asset maintenance procedures and history, and more.
Technology Ticketing
Track technology asset information and historical ticket data. Keep requesters in the loop regarding the status of their tickets.
Purchase Order Management
FMX simplifies the purchasing of equipment and inventory by allowing you to create and approve purchases while tracking received shipments.


The reporting has probably been the greatest thing to ever happen, according to the corporate office. That has really improved our distribution of costs and accurately tracking our costs across the plant. It also helps us with capital projects. We can see how much money and time we're spending on equipment and if you don't have that data, it's very difficult to justify capital projects."

Ken Ledbetter, Bonnell Aluminum
Maintenance Manager
Easy-to-use interface, robust capabilities, infinite configurability.
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See How FMX Simplifies Maintenance Management

With configurable modules and an easy-to-use interface, you can focus on what matters most for your organization.

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It is a great system and very functional for facilities management. All of our information for 25 locations is at the click of a button, from cost reporting to work history to blueprints for each store. We can access this information anywhere in the world, which is a huge help for us given the nature of our business and the amount of time on the road."

Corey Achino, Englewood Construction
 Project Manager

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Maintenance Management Made Simple

API Access
Gain access to the FMX REST API which enables the integration of FMX with various systems.
Custom Workflow Management
The FMX team will help you configure a customized module to manage workflows that fall outside of the IT and maintenance departments. Some examples include key requests, HR forms, QA inspections, etc.
Unlimited Users
Avoid bottlenecks and gatekeepers in your workflow by granting access to an unlimited number of users. Empowering more people to use FMX improves communication and streamlines processes.
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FMX simplifies maintenance management, offering configurable modules and an easy-to-use interface, so you can focus on what matters most for your organization.

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