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NEW FEATURE: Recurring Task Workflows

A better way to track, manage, and optimize your maintenance. 

FMX's building maintenance software provides an easier way for teams to manage work orders, set up preventive tasks, and track equipment performance. 

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Energy & Utilities Management

Track how much your organization is spending on electric, gas, and water to see trend lines over time, budget for the future, and measure the effectiveness of cost-saving initiatives targeted towards reducing energy and utility usage. 

NEW FEATURE: Recurring Task Workflows

Take your organization to the next level with Recurring Task Workflows

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Implement Recurring Task Workflows for the following use cases

Inspection & Compliance

To meet safety and compliance regulations, organizations must have a documented system for inspections and training. Without a reliable system to record and schedule them, the organization could face heavy fines or put itself at risk of liability if something goes wrong.

Cleaning & Sanitation

Put recurring cleaning and sanitation processes in place for kitchen equipment, machinery, janitorial tasks, and any other cleaning regimens to combat COVID-19.

Vehicle Maintenance

From school buses to utility vans, all industries use vehicles to keep their operations running. Regular vehicle service is vital, and can often be done by a separate team of technicians, requiring it to run on a separate workflow to manage and monitor those tasks.

Landscaping & Grounds

Taking care of the area surrounding facilities requires regular attention and changes with the seasons. Having flexible, scheduled tasks management to handle everything from mowing to weed spraying, snow to leaf removal is essential to the public perception and brand image of the organization.

Training & Onboarding

Companies can use a recurring task workflow for compliance-related training, new hire onboarding, and other employee activities that benefit a recurring schedule or templated to-do list (instructions set) of action items.


IT departments perform regular service on servers, workstations, and other network-related items. Set up recurring tasks for the following:

- Weekly server updates
- Monthly switch updates
- Annual workstation re-imaging
- Annual domain renewals


Facility and property managers need to ensure the safety of their staff, students, tenants, and guests. Set up recurring tasks for the following:

- Alarm, lock, & camera testing
- Emergency preparedness drills
- Security measures auditing
- Security route monitoring

Pest Control

Facility and property leaders need to ensure they are inspecting and treating rodents, insects, and unwanted wildlife to maintain a comfortable and sanitary environment. Recurring task workflows allow teams to set dependable, recurring schedules with checklists to confirm nothing gets missed.

Recurring Task Workflows are a new module type that covers any process that is scheduled in advance, follows a set schedule, or requires a checklist of steps to complete.